Our law firm specializes in all fields of economic law. We advise to both domestic and foreign entities. Our experts ensure a comprehensive legal supervision and management. Services can be provided in German and in English.

Within the scope of the service in question, we offer, among others:

  1. Legal and tax advising with regard to the choice of the most suitable form of business operation.
  2. Issuing and negotiating commercial agreements, as well as legal and tax advising regarding their conclusion and execution.
  3. Issuing and assessing agreements regarding intellectual and industrial property rights.
  4. Registering and supervising commercial law companies together with their foreign branches.
  5. Representing commercial law companies in communication with registration bodies, including the National Court Register authorities.
  6. Creating a comprehensive documentation of a company, including the documents of incorporation, statutes, and regulations.
  7.  Issuing agreements and acts regulating relations between commercial law companies’ associates.
  8.  Updating company’s data in the National Court Register.
  9. Legal and tax advising with regard to the acquisition of shares and assets.
  10. Litigating acts adopted by the board of shareholders or the generalassembly.
  11.  Comprehensive legal and tax support with regard to commercial law company liquidation, transformation, acquisition, and merger.
  12. Comprehensive legal support in terms of personal data protection, including issues connected with digital service provision, commercial agreements, internal regulations, instructions, and provisions.
  13. Organizing training sessions concerning certain areas of law for entrepreneurs.
  14. Representing Clients in the course of court, administrative, and tax proceedings, especially relating to civil, economic, and commercial law, intellectual property, press law, unfair competition, labor legislation, and debt collection.




Types of legal supervision offered by theSosnowskiLegal law firm:

  1. Constant legal supervision – cooperation terms are specified in the form of an agreement that is valid for the entirety of the cooperation process. Within it scope, there is the possibility of assigning our employees to support a Client at his or her premises.
  2. Interim legal support – cooperation terms are agreed upon before proceeding to the execution of a given task and only for the purpose of its performance.


Legal management – price list:

  1. Lump sum remuneration – remuneration amount is fixed and paid monthly. The amount depends on the scope and nature of undertakings performed.
  2. Hourly-rate payments – payment amount is dependent on the number of hours required to realize a given task, where each full hour is to be paid for as agreed with the Client
  3. Project-specific remuneration – remuneration amount is specified in advance and assumes the execution of certain tasks


Benefits of constant legal supervision

Constant monitoring of legal regulations strictly relating to the operation of a company

Lower costs of legal service provision, especially while compared to singular orders

Transparency of settlement – including the specification of time necessary for the provision of order and the performance of technical undertakings

Quick, efficient, and effortless communication with the law firm

Issuing agreement templates adjusted to the needs of a specific Client



Legal supervision and management are executed or coordinated by a singular lawyer, who is responsible for the communication of the employees of the law firm with the employees of the client. In the case of projects requiring expert knowledge or large-size undertakings, the lawyer responsible for a given client acts as project coordinator. Thanks to such an approach, it is possible to quickly and efficiently address all the occurring legal matters, ensure the consistency of utilized legal solutions, as well as guarantee the compliance with applicable corporate principles. Said model ensures a proper familiarity with the business undertaking managed by the client and a remarkable efficiency of legal support.

We support clients operating in the following branches of industry:

  • construction
  • electronics
  • machine engineering
  • food processing
  • agricultural production
  • domestic wholesale commerce
  • international commerce
  • tourism
  • service provision and commerce
  • real estate
  • new technologies
  • e-business
  • investment advising
  • financial advising



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