How does the cooperation with our law firm looks like?

1. Contact us via the available contact form or via the following phone no.: +48 22 300 11 13

2. Attorneys from the law firm will analyze your order and will arrange a meeting in a convenient place at a convenient time. It can take place in your premises or in one of our offices – in Warsaw or in Gliwice.

3. During the meeting, we will present you with the most beneficial form of performing your business undertaking or with available methods of solving any other legal matter strictly related to your operation.

4. Individuals employed in our firm will prepare a comprehensive documentation allowing for opening, transforming, or introducing organizational amendments to a company, foundation, or association. We will additionally arrange a meeting with a certified notary, as well as our representatives will be present during the documentation signing procedure in order to ensure their compliance with all the applicable law regulations. We can also prepare a company or association bankruptcy notification.

5. We will help in registering, making organizational changes, or liquidating a company, a foundation, or an association and entering all the changes into the NCR, as well as will manage bankruptcy proceedings in a comprehensive manner.


We specialize in economic and commercial law. Our experts offer quick and effortless company registration, as well as a comprehensive legal management at the every stage of operation. We ensure legal supervision over incorporated companies, starting from their registration, through ongoing management, liquidation, up to the conclusion of bankruptcy proceedings.

Company registration

Do you plan on establishing a new business undertaking? Do you have an idea for a firm and all you need is to register it? Company registration is a process that is remarkably more complex than opening a sole proprietorship. We will help you in dealing with all the formalities connected with the incorporation and registration of all types of firms, including entering them into the NCR. Thanks to the said fact, the entire process will be concluded quickly and safely.

Company liquidation

Company liquidation is a set of legal, accounting, and management-related undertakings, the scope of which is dependent on the size of the liquidated company and the nature of its business operation. We ensure our customers legal aid with regard to the realization of all tasks being strictly connected with a firm liquidation.

Bankruptcy proceedings

In general, bankruptcy does not need to be equivalent to company liquidation. It grants the possibility of agreeing upon terms of cooperation with creditors, launching a company reorganization scheme, as well as of limiting unnecessary costs. We will be honored to help you fill in bankruptcy forms and act as alegal representative for the purpose of litigation.

Company merger and transformation

We offer our clients a comprehensive legal support with regard to all types of organizational transformations, in both corporations and partnerships.

Associations and foundations

Our law firm additionally would like to interest associations and corporations in professional support covering, among others, the preparation of statute drafts, creation of memoranda of association, acts, meeting protocols, as well as other documents strictly concerning the operation of such bodies.

Organizational changes in companies, associations, and foundations

We additionally offer a comprehensive legal support of companies planning on changing their personal composition, agreements, statutes, as well as increasing or decreasing their capital.


A team of attorneys specializing in economic and commercial law with perennial experience is the guarantee of a professional service provision.

We would like to inform all the interested individuals that while performing our undertakings, we take a proper care of secrecy and data confidentiality. According to the provisions of the Attorney Code of Ethics, the confidentiality principle has to be complied with even after closing a given case.

All the tasks entrusted to our law firm are performed by attorneys with perennial experience. On daily basis, they deal with the legal management of companies, commercial entities, and foundations.


Jacek Sosnowski

Founder of the law firm, and a true expert with numerous years of experience in commercial entity management. He was entered into the register of attorneys kept by the District Bar Association in Warsaw. He specializes in executing professional supervision over commercial law partnerships.

Jagoda Knopp


Michał Boguszewski


Helena Turska